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I was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania and live in Dallas, Texas. I have a presence on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

You can email me at matt@mattmanna.com or try to catch me on Twitter. I read everything I receive and will respond if a response is necessary. If you send me something on Facebook I won’t see it because I don’t spend any time there.

If you’d like to send me something or call me on the phone, email me and I might send you my address and/or phone number.

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Currently Reading:
Real Education, by Charles Murray; Amusing Ourselves to Death, by Neil Postman; The Secret Knowledge, by David Mamet; A Conflict of Visions, by Thomas Sowell

Favorite Musicians & Bands: (Not in order)
Buddy Rich, Artie Shaw, Dave Weckl, Joe Morello, Oscar Peterson, Pete Barbutti, Dennis Chambers

Favorite Movies: (Not in order)
State And Main, Citizen Kane, The Incredibles, Life of Brian, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, The In-Laws

Favorite TV Shows: (Not in order)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (produced by British television company Granada Television), M*A*S*H, The Big Bang Theory, The [first] Bob Newhart Show

Cycling, Soccer, Music, Photography

Little Known Fact:
Was 7th grade Yo-Yo champion. Yes, I can do the man on the flying trapeze.

Favorite Software: (Not in order)
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Apple Pages, Coda, Logic Pro, Safari, Adobe After Effects, Keynote, WordPress, Final Cut Pro, Scrivener

Computer Setup:
iMac, MacBook Air

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Updated: August 01, 2017


In A Word: Institution

Institutions spring to life for any number of reasons; but once living all institutions strive to stay alive and do whatever else they do only to that end. Unlike other living things however, institutions are incapable of humility, restraint, or self-sacrifice. And when we complain that government, or public schools, or the legal system, etc., …