Facebook Friends

I admit it. I hate Facebook friending: The attempt to leverage acquaintances for whatever value their association can bring to oneself. That behavior is pathological and nauseating.

Facebook Friends

Also, I’m indifferent to the musings of your dog or cat. I don’t care that you bought a new car. And I’d rather be stuck on a desert island with nothing other than Jane Austen novels to read than hear about your dining experience.

That being said, it’s big-time good when folks who genuinely like one another connect. Also, folks who enjoy each other usually enjoy making introductions to similar others. That’s plenty zippy!

So please send a friend request my way if you know me. Better yet, let’s chit-chat old school via Email, matt@mattmanna.com. Who knows, we may make each other laugh.

But if you’re a plasticky grin-meister who happens to know someone, who happens to know someone, who once ran into my second cousin, don’t bother. I’ve got nothing to offer, and I’m quite sure you don’t either.

[Authors note: I have a presence on Facebook, but I don’t spend any time there.]

Facebook Friends
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